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What Our Clients Say

Excellent Service, I got my house painted by these guys and they did an amazing & clean job. Very satisfied.


Kristy Smith

Painting in Sydney helped me paint my office within Sydney. They tidied up after they left too which was great.


Jason Chan

I recently have been renovating my house and needed my house painted quckly and these guys did an excellent job.


Zeina George

Residential Painting Service

Getting high quality residential painting services in New South Wales area can be a problem for many people. The Sydney Premium Services are the best residential painting contractors in the New South Wales region.
People want the best services for residential painting. Sydney Premium Services are residential painting contractors that will offer the best services!

Reputable Home Painters

Sydney Premium Services has been operating for years now. And the people have complete trust in their services. For residential painting in Sydney, they have 5-star reviews from customers!
Offering top residential painting services, they have a solid reputation in community. People love their services in Sydney as they offer the best in every way!

Benefits of Residential Painters

Sydney Premium Services offer the best painting services in Sydney. Having diverse experience in different house services, we have worked in residential areas of Sydney for house painting.

Considered as the best home painters in Sydney, we are also experienced in other home services. We also offer the services of commercial, industrial and strata painting.

Our residential house painting services have been 5-star reviewed by the clients. We focus on offering professional work that is reliable, and therefore we are considered trustworthy by the people.
In terms of all painters and residential painting services in Sydney, we offer the highest quality paint. We’ve stayed on top in market for years.

Our staff is known for being experts in the field of home painters in Sydney. Our staff is friendly, passionate and trustworthy in every regard.
Our staff works to ensure that we remain the best house painters in Sydney. Our staff arrives on time and gets the work done in an effective and efficient manner.

We are the best in interior residential painting because of many reasons. One of them being that we use the highest quality paint and our staff is experts of the field!
Our unique offer is that we’ll take care your interior residential painting needs. Among residential painters in Sydney, we will offer the top painting services.

Among the local painters in Sydney, we offer the top services in exterior painting too. Using the highest quality paints and equipment, our staff will make sure that your work is done perfectly.
Also, whether exterior or interior painting, we’ll offer top painting services. This makes us the best in exterior painting in Sydney.

In residential painting we have been rated 5-stars from every client. We use the best equipment to ensure your house looks the best in every way.
In residential painting services in Sydney, we focus on quality and needs of clients. We will also take care of all your home painting needs in the best way.

Among all the home painters in Sydney, the people consider us to be the best. This is because we use the best equipment and materials, to make sure your work is done perfectly.
Also, among the residential painting contractors, we offer the top home painting services. Your residential painting needs will surely be handled effectively.

Painting apartments and units can be a complicated process. There are many apartment painters in Sydney but among them, we offer the best services in every way.
We focus on providing effective services by using high quality equipment and materials. We are the best unit painters in Sydney as we offer house painting services.

In residential painting, we offer services for townhouses & duplexes. Our staff is skilled for the painting work of townhouses and duplexes that clients own.
The local painters in Sydney don’t possess the equipment and skills required for the townhouses and duplexes. But we will do everything perfectly and we’ll also offer top home painting services.

In the area of retail or exterior painting, we offer services of the highest quality. In the category of home painters in Sydney, the clients rate us the highest.
Also, most painters in Sydney do not offer home painting services, but we do! Whatever your painting needs are, we‘ll fulfill them in a perfect way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Among all the local painters in Sydney, we offer top services in every way possible. We generally discuss the basic things with the clients on phone or through email. And then afterwards our staff visits the client’s location to get the specific information. Then we send them the exact quote through the email or post.

Yes, as we are the top house painters in Sydney, we had to make sure we are insured! We have $20 million in public liability, workers compensation and we carry a “contractor’s all risk insurance” on a job-specific basis. Among all the painters in Sydney, we make the certificates available on request of the customers.

Yes, we have some online references in the testimonials section of our site. We also keep the written references on file, in case the clients want to see them. We suggest our clients to look at the “what we’ve done” section of our website. Among all the painters in Sydney, we have the best testimonials!

Among all the local painters in Sydney, we use products of the highest quality. The brands that we use can be influenced by factors like the preferences of the customers and nature of work. We focus on using quality products and equipment to make sure that we do the best work possible for the clients.

Most of the residential painting contractors do not focus on a “quality job”. What is a good paint job? It is not cutting corners, preparing perfectly and budgeting enough time to do the work. Most painters here try to earn quick money which means they rush the job which leads to a bad paint job.

We will show you a catalog of colors that you can choose from. If you’re not sure still, our experts will look at the area in detail and then suggest the best color! Our staff consists of experts who know what works and what doesn’t. So, we’ll take care of that issue for you too!

While painting yourself is possible, in order to get a professional and quality looking finish, you will need professionals. Painting can also be a hazardous work so it would be suggested that you hire professionals. So, if you want the work done in a clean manner, you need to get professional home painters in Sydney.

Yes, we do repair cracked or delaminated render. To fix a hairline crack, we will apply a textured paint over it. Usually, when there is a crack, there will surely be the issue of delamination. And we can fix that issue for you as well. Most of the local home painters in Sydney do not offer these services but we do our best in them.

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